Adam Back speaking like a Monero Maximalist


Don’t be fooled! Bitcoin maximalists know very well the importance of fungibity!!! They are just trying to save time by pretending fungibility doesn’t matter and privacy is dangerous

They have been trying hard to fixe this fungibility issue for years behind the scenes, this is a speech of Adam Back in october 2016.

They first tried with Lightning network. But lightning network has fundamental flaws that make it irrelevant (inbound capacity problems…). Now they are working on Mimblewimble and it’s probably their last try. Once they realise Mimblewimble will never bear the compararison with Monero we will see a massive inflow of the first Bitcoin maximalists to Monero. The masses will follow them.

Monero is bound to skyrocket in the coming years!

$10K xmr
The storm is coming

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  1. bitcoin maximalists coming here is a bad thing unless their destructive tendencies can be deprogrammed. monero culture prizes doubt and dissent moreso than bitcoin culture, keeping our expectations more realistic, and we tend to prefer electronic commerce over “big number go up” store of value nonsense. if they want to convert they should be expected to leave that at the door.

  2. A couple things:

    1. The Mimblewimble implementation (MWEB) is for Litecoin and probably a year away from being activated. I do not think their any chance there would be a consensus to fork it into Bitcoin. Too many stakeholders would be concerned about exchange listings and taint.

    2. Even though optional Mimblewimble privacy would not be on par with Monero, it would still be a improvement for Bitcoin. However, they would have the same issues they have now when using mixers. Anything going through Mimblewimble Extension Blocks would have taint.

  3. >Monero is bound to skyrocket in the coming years!

    >$10K xmr The storm is coming

    Been hearing this story for years now, ever since I’ve first started accomulating Monero.

    Nope, there is no storm. It’s not gonna happen soon. $10k Monero maybe in late 2030s if stars are aligned properly and world doesn’t end up in flames or drowned by trash.

    Internet and MSM allows those in power to fool all the people, all the time.

  4. On the contrary. Monero will likely never be able to get the benefits of Mimblewimble while Mimblewimble might be able to get really close to what Monero can do if not even better in the future.

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