Advanced passphrase security is for advanced users

source link from ledger website: [](

Set up a passphrase to add a layer of security to your crypto assets.

**This option is only recommended for advanced users.**

There seems to be a lot of questions here on this sub regarding 25th word or passphrase, mostly by novice users, I think for the majority of novice users – the standard 24 words seed phrase is enough, if they can protect it properly.

Novice users adding 25th word passphrase may be in trouble, if they do it without sufficiently understanding what it is.

sometimes complexity causes more trouble. simple things might be better for a novice users.

for advanced users of course, you can do whatever the hell you want.

**edit: for clarity, the terminology “advanced users” come from ledger website themselves and not from me.** [****](

i do not have any intention to belittle or scare anyone, i just want to educate.

What do you think?

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  1. we hear a lot about crypto security tips like never share seed phrase, 2FA, etc. etc.

    those are valid and useful tips. but for me, the best security tip for crypto. .

    is people not knowing you have it.

    keep your crypto and your ledger device hidden.

    do not invite harm (scammer, hacker, robber) into your life.

  2. Don’t scare people with 25 word. It’s as simple as 24 word mnemonic.
    The only difference is 24 and 25 words where the 25th word shouldn’t be written down along with standard 24 words.

    It’s a security measure lvl. PRO which should be utilised by anyone.

    “If you are under duress to unlock your Ledger Nano S, you can surrender your main PIN code to the attacker while hiding the PIN code that unlocks your passphrase-protected accounts.”.

    Or: even if your 24 words are compromised then you are still safe because of your 25th word.

  3. Hey so I’ve been reading about this and have viewed the link a few times. The one question I have is whether you can recover your assets (say if you lose the device) with another non-ledger device, if it is protected by the pass phrase ? My understanding is [yes]( if it supports BIP39/BIP44 … and another cool thing is that you actually generate private keys, but this is an even more complicated step above the passphrase option (I.e. process and doing it on a completed airgapped device)

  4. In my opinion, Ledgers website doesn’t clearly explain how to implement the passphrase.

    I do use it, been using it for a while. But I can see how newbies get confused.

  5. The problem is terminology. Nobody wants to admit theyre a novice or ‘normal’. People want to be special, so they choose the option that ‘proves’ it to themselves.

    Unfortunately they arent special. Just like everyone else.

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