AIBO INU a new breed of DOGE token is here presale on Unicrypt July 7th at 12pm UTC

🐢 A new breed of doge token is here πŸ’Ž AIBO INU The Next Generation #doge token πŸ’  Presale on Unicrypt 7 July, 12PM UTC 🏁

Ever wonder if the next generation of Crypto Space is already here? I found out about this token just recently, everything look well prepared and the hype is just getting stronger.

Check them out on their website at

They already burned 50% of total supply from 1 quadriliion $AIBO tokens, implement 10% tax on which 5% goes to liquidity pool automatically and 5% auto farming (your tokens increase just by holding them in your wallet).

Contract has been audited by dessert finance and team is also KYC’ed. Their plan to take AIBO INU to the next level is by making 3 distinguish type of NFT (they call it AIBOT), on which you can combine those NFT to create a rarer type of NFT that you can stake to earn more $AIBO and even BNB for Epic AIBOT type NFT thus increasing holders from time to time.

I’m also told that they have an ANTI WHALE system coded in their contract to prevent BIG DUMP on early stage.

Telegram members increasing everyday and has 8,5K members at the moment, this project is preparing to go beyond the moon.

I will definitely buy in their presales which are whitelisted, it’s easy to fill in their whitelist form and hopefully I’ll get the spot because it’s cheaper 10% and you are guaranteed to be among the early holders.

What do you think?

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