“All you can do is hope for a pattern to emerge, and sometimes it never does. Still, with a plan, you only get the best you can imagine. I’d always hoped for something better than that.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Hi, I’m Theo…, here’s my theory on why Doge is down, that’s not really only my theory, I think I’ve read others say it too, and it might be known fact, but I haven’t done enough research to know one way or another if it matches up right…, but I think it’s right.

Many of you will already know this, but I’m laying it out as I understand it. AMC is going to short squeeze. GME was going to but they stunted it or something and now it’s going to take a bit, maybe? I dunno, but, AMC I do know, and it is going to squeeze to crazy prices because AMC people have figured out what happened to stunt GME and are prepared to hold through it. This will be stupid high numbers that liquidate hedge funds. So right now hedge funds are doing all sorts of crazy stuff trying to keep up liquidity, so they can borrow high interest shares to bump around in “dark pools”, all to keep the price down and try to tread water and not drown. They are in a day by day play trying to not get margin called, because that will bankrupt them. So, they’re using all crypto, and all other non-meme stocks, as fuel to manipulate and leach cash from as they battle to stay alive, because nobody will budge on AMC.

So, you have two options…, one, if you got in early you could sell and get in AMC and ride that until it short squeezes and then hop out and get back in Doge. If it’s worth the higher taxes. Full disclosure, this is what I did. Two, you can just hold and wait, and in due time the squeeze will happen, and soon after everything should return to normal.

That’s my theory, and my plan, and I don’t suggest anyone take my word for gospel, or make any moves one way or another, do your own research and make the decision for yourself. I figured I’d write it out as I see it, to be helpful, or to be proven wrong, either/or, I’m easy…, but I’m sharing it as I understand it. Any critiques should be of a friendly nature.

Now, what can we do for Dogecoin while we wait for it to do what it will eventually do?

This idea gets pooped on 90% of the times that I post it, but 10% of the feedback I get is positive. Some like it, some don’t. So if you don’t like it, fine, don’t like it, it’s not for you, but don’t be a turd about it. There are 2m of us here, we all don’t laugh at the same memes, it’s ok to not like it, yet not be an meanie.

Here’s the backstory…

Twenty years ago my brother killed himself, and in the months that followed I was living alone in our childhood home, which was entirely empty except my bedroom and the attic. One night I was desperate and lonely and sad and bored and went into the attic and found an old bag of horror movies from my teen years. I watched them all on a loop for weeks/months, and one night chuckled at a goofy fx gag, and it shocked me, like mid-laugh I froze, it was the first time that I had laughed in months. And it might sound stupid, but, like, I didn’t know I hadn’t laughed, I just realized it as it happened. I found myself thankful in some stupid way…, I think I cried. It was a weird time emotionally. And I can’t remember if it was right then that I thought it, but in the short time thereafter I had committed to the idea that I would make a low budget b-horror movie, to “give back”and make someone chuckle in a dark moment.., and since then have lived my life, married and kids and a mortgage, and I’ve written dozens of scripts and worked my way into working for producers and have done script work on other’s stuff (that never got produced, but I got paid) and have had a lot of “almosts”, but something always goes wrong along the way, and really that’s just how the business works…, blah blah, but, that’s all to say, I’m well prepared in life to make a low budget b-horror…, or even a studio movie, really…., but a low budget b-horror is well within my capabilities.

So, what does that have to do with Doge?

Here’s my plan and reasoning…

Dogecoin needs an increase in currency usage, and tipping/micro-transactions.

Dogecoin needs a multi-platform marketing push to get it to be more mainstream.

Dogecoin needs a community project.

Dogecoin Entertainment provides this.

Horror movies of the low budget sort have a lot of spread when it comes to demographics…, they’re a universal demo love, in regards to the people who love them, they come in all ages/races/genders.

So, the plan is that hodlers donate $1-$3 in Doge to a movie fund ($400k), and then it gets spent on making a film that is released 100% for free on YouTube, and heavily promoted as being produced with Dogecoin.

Quick note, I will not make a penny from any aspect of the donated doge or the film production for writing/directing/producing. It all goes to the movie, and the movie is 100% free to watch, and if there are any commercials they will be placed after the end credits. I’m not doing this to make profit. I’ll sell tshirts or something for money, if I want to make a few bucks.

This works in a few ways to help Doge.

First, it gets a few hundred thousand dollars in Doge spread around in Doge to Doge transactions, as each cast and crew member, and all equipment, will be paid for in Doge whenever possible.

Second, it gets horror fans to see it, and the horror community is quite large, so it’s a solid target demo where word of mouth is strong. Being a good demographic to purchase crypto means it should have some push on new wallets.

Third, entertainment websites, horror websites, crypto websites, etc will write about it as the “first horror movie made with Doge donations”, and being free it will get a lot of clicks from any attention online that it receives. Each story read or clicked is a potential new wallet.

Fourth, it will be seen as a proof of concept “Kickstarter coin” for other creatives, who will dive on to be the next to produce their creative endeavors of whatever sort using Doge, and they’ll be promoting Doge to new holders.

If new hodlers donate, or people who donated like the film, it can be a wash/rinse/repeat situation, and I think I could do two to three films per year, all free, all fun. With any luck I could produce other’s work as well.

Now, I’ve recently added an idea to this…, as a bump to AMC they could agree to distribute the movies, as weekend midnight movies one every few months, and they would still be free on YouTube, but they could play them in their theaters free of a licensing fee, and then keep the cash on any ticket sales, and offer a reduced ticket price for AMC holders and/or if prepurchased in Doge.

I made a website, there’s not much to it, but it’s all there…

If you read this far, thank you, unless you read this far and are about to poop on the idea, in which case you can kindly not. Friendly critique is ok though. 😌

What do you think?

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