AllianceBlock successfully launched its decentralized blockchain interaction platform AllianceBridge

AllianceBlock successfully launched its decentralized blockchain interaction platform AllianceBridge

AllianceBridge is a fast, secure, decentralized way of communication between blockchains that is open source, with AllianceBridge you have the ability to transfer quickly and cheaply a coin from one blockchain to another, and the main thing is that this way is completely safe

Now there are four main blockchains and protocols in use like Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and Polygon but it is possible to add more blockchains in the future

Now almost all of the basic blockchain is provided by these four platforms

* Ethereum has long enjoyed the first-mover advantage in the decentralized applications space and is the most widely used protocol in DeFi. Unfortunately, it often suffers from high transaction fees and congestion.
* BSC has seen a substantial rise in use, in part because of the shortcomings of the Ethereum blockchain, but security is often an issue in BSC-launched applications.
* Avalanche has a huge focus on DeFi and is collaborating with AllianceBlock to build a compliance layer and cross-border services to bring Avalanche to the institutional world.
* Polygon is also a rising DeFi blockchain player. In this space, adoption is key, so support for Polygon is a natural choice.

**More Validators Means Better Decentralization and Transparency**

With Hedera Consensus Services, which is a trust layer that creates immutable and auditable message logs, AllianceBridge achieves optimization, making the bridge faster, more decentralized and also more transparent than other similar projects in this industry

Validators are needed to keep it running, and the more validators the more the project becomes decentralized, currently AllianceBridge has 3 validators but by the end of the year wants to increase this number to 11

* AllianceBlock, the primary development team behind AllianceBridge.
* Limechain, a blockchain consulting and advisory company that services blue-chip blockchain entities such as Polkadot and Hedera Hashgraph.
* Faculty Group, a collective of blockchain-native firms that provides a wide range of bespoke solutions to promising blockchain projects all over the world.

The bridge also adds the option of a new way to use the AllianceBloock ALBT token. In order to make a transaction on AllianceBridge you will need to pay 1 ALBT as a commission, so in this case it will be better to hold the coins

**AllianceBridge has been fully audited and system reviewed**

A full audit was completed by Omniscia, a blockchain security audit and development service provider founded by former auditors of the top-five blockchain security firms in the world. AllianceBridge’s code was reviewed by Nick Mudge, widely recognized as the father of the Diamond Standard, who affirmed that:

* The correct industry standards have been met.
* The codebase is clean and easy to pick up by new developers.
* The contracts are secure and will not lead to attacks or loss of funds.

**About AllianceBlock**

AllianceBlock creates the first globally interoperable decentralized marketplace. The AllianceBlock protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-independent layer that automates the transformation of any digital asset into a banking product.

Created by three of Europe’s largest incubators, Station F, L39, Kickstart Innovation, led by an experienced team of former JP Morgan, Barclays, BNB Paribas, Goldman Sachs

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