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Hello Guys ,

This is my 2nd thread about Eth Staking , since then i’ve been doing some resarch about where should i do my staking , now i want to decide between [****]( and **Blox Staking** .

I’ve tried both of them , with GoerliETH test , and setup was easy , specially on AllNodes , i’ve used ledger , so i never had to write new seed phrase , i’ve generated Validator Keys using my **Ledger** , so this seems “secure” .

But what worries me is i had to upload validator keys there , i’m kinda noob , is there any danger involved , what if someone sees my validator keys , what damage can he do to me ?

I’ve seen allso AllNodes **trustpilot reviews** , but there were alot of users without a profile picture who did reviews (and it kinda worries me, they might be fake reviews) , maybe i’m overthinking this , but i’m not a rich guy , so 32 eth (50% of them are my cousin’s eth) are big responsibility for me .

For me AllNodes seems to good to be true , is anyone here who’s been using that service , and can tell me more about them , 10$ /mo for me it’s great price , if you don’t have to worry about electricity/setup pc etc …

On other hand **Blox Staking** was easy setup too , but what i didn’t like there , i had to get **new seed** , and i was connected to the internet (isn’t this dangerous too) ?

Their videos are clear , and i’ve done setup via (Amazon) and seems it’s okay , but that seed thing worried me , and it’s free , why would they do it for free ?!

I’ll include screenshots of both []( and Blox Staking , from my tesnet validators .




Thanks alot for your responses , and excuse my dumb questions , but i’m totally noob .

But is there any option for them (specially Allnodes) to do rugpull and steal my eth (or it’s imposible , because i only have seed , and use it for withdrawls)

Best Regards.

What do you think?

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  1. You can import an existing seed into Blox Live, and then take the seed away from Blox Live after initial setup.

    I agree with you that “seedless” is highly desirable. It’s “on the roadmap”, maybe Blox can chime in with a rough ETA.

    With Blox, your signing key is in a keyvault in your Amazon account, or in future you’ll have the option to split the key and give fragments to multiple operators: That’s “SSV”, Secret Shared Validators.

    Blox is free until merge, and will charge after that, is my understanding.

  2. I did Allnodes and have been live now for 3 months and couldn’t be happier. Super easy to set up – if you search for Allnodes under ethstaker you’ll see I asked similar questions. Good luck!

  3. I went with allnodes as well. Zero missed attestations in the 3 weeks I have been up. I am very happy with their service and very responsive on discord if you have questions. I would go with the $10/mo option if you can afford it.

  4. For what it’s worth, I am one of those trustpilot reviewers without a profile pic. I’ve had zero problems with allnodes so far and hope that continues on to the merge 🤞

  5. Why don’t you just use Launchnodes? They are non custodial, aws based, take zero commission and so on.

    Main part is that you don’t depend on any third parties

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