$ALV – ALiVe Token | Charity Token for Depression | Celebrities On Board! | VERY NEW | Super Early Hidden Gem πŸ’Ž Realistic x50 πŸš€

I just randomly stumbled upon this project, I think they have yet to officially launch but they’ve got **Pierce The Veil**’s singer to support them! And there will be more coming soon! (Based on their website)

**The coin is called ALiVe Token $ALV**

The team behind this seems very professional and they are doing this as a non-profit team! Their tagline is:

***Help The World Make A Better Tomorrow***

It’s a coin that’s definitely going to be huge, they are getting a lot of celebrities and influencers on board. It’s best if you get in as early as you can. They have a lot of stuff lined up in their roadmap. But seriously if you want to know about it you can just check their website or join their Telegram.


**ALiVe Tokenomics**

* *100,000,000 $ALV Total Supply*
* *2% Automated Liquidity*
* *2% ALV Redistribution to Holders*
* *2% Goes to Charity Wallet*

They are doing a really simple coin, but once those celebrity starts posting about this, that means you’re already too late. Better get on now before everyone else finds out about this.

ALV is like super new, go and join their Telegram for more info





Definitely Not Financial Advice but if you know, you know… 😎

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