Am I just a noob or am I a noob who got hacked?

I use a Ledger Nano S for my Monero GUI wallet. It’s been working great for a few months, but today when I tried to log in, Monero Wallet is saying “Couldn’t open wallet: device not found.”

I installed Monero GUI wallet on another computer, copied the .key file over and tried to unlock the wallet and got the same error message. Inputting the wrong password still gives me the incorrect password error message as usual. I asked around in the /r/Monero and they suggested I create a new wallet using the mnemonic seed plus block height, which I unfortunately didn’t write down because I noobishly thought this information was stored on the Ledger itself. So now I have no idea whats up with my funds. I can’t even check the wallet balance to confirm if I got hacked because I can’t get into the wallet.

Does anybody know if it is possible for somebody to steal my crypto without physical access to the Ledger if they had a backdoor in my computer? Thank you

What do you think?

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  1. you can guess your block height by the time you received moneros the first time. You can also start with block height 0 but that might take ages.

    So setup the GUI wallet from scratch. Of course you don’t need the seed because that one is on the ledger.

    restore height block: [](

    The only ways to steal the funds is

    a) get hold of the ledger physically and know the pin

    b) someone has your seed


    edit: don’t copy any files over, just start from 0. Connect GUI to ledger, guess the restore height, wait, done.

  2. This is very unlikely to be any sort of hack. Most likely just a technical issue.

    Are you possibly having Ledger Live open at the same time as using the Monero GUI? It needs to be fully shut down as to not interfere with the device connection.

    When you use the Monero GUI with your Ledger device, you aren’t given a separate mnemonic. It uses the stored seed inside the device to generate the Monero private keys.

    Finally as long as you don’t enter your Ledger seed anywhere (besides the device), no one can steal your crypto.

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