Am I taking an L on this one? Or can I salvage my eth?

Alright so I’m pretty new to actually putting any money into crypto, just been trying to educate myself on the basics before I did. Well for some reason my Coinbase kept saying it was restricted from buying/selling crypto. I validated my photo ID and everything not sure why, just won’t let me. Anyway I had a little eth I bought for a trial run and after doing some research, I decided to transfer my my DefFi wallet to Coinbase Pro. Well I forgot that Coinbase had been saying my account was restricted, and I’m not even sure that means I’m restricted on CB pro as well (but I assume so) anyway, the transfer says its successful, and my crypto DeFi wallet is empty but my Coinbase pro portfolio never reflected the amount, I didn’t get any notifications that a deposit had been made, an email that I received the ETH, nothing. I’ve been in touch with Coinbase support and they temporarily deactivated my account I guess. My main question is: is there any way to get my coins back? I guess I thought if you tried to transfer to an account that’s not active or something like that it just wouldn’t go through. I have the address I sent it to, and used etherscan to check the status of the transaction so it definitely went through.

What do you think?

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  1. If Coinbase Pro gave you the destination account address, they have the coins now. They absolutely have the power to find the funds and return them to you, it’s just a matter of getting support to do it.

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