[Analysis]: ACH (Alchemy Pay) is legit and here is why


I am writing this in order to share with you the results of my personal investigation about Alchemy Pay, which is a very hot moonshot this week. This is project which is in official announced partnership with Binance and Shopify and has caught a lot of attention recently.

This post is for anybody who is debating whether to invest or not in Alchemy Pay.

I would like to clarify that I am in no way affiliated neither with their team.

Based on my extensive research, this is a **real company in Singapore** which tries to solve a real fiat-crypto gap problem for the South-Asea region. Below I apply all the official findings which I dug:

**Company name:** Alchemy Pay. Linkedin: [](

**Product:** Fiat-crypto integration solution for users in South Asia. In addition, Alchemy Pay have plans to launch a Visa-based debit card for these payments.

**Official presentation for investors (no crypto ICO bullshit):** []( (51 slides, reuploaded with permission)

**Team:** Mainly from Hong-Kong and Singapore

**Founded:** 2018 (launch), 2020 (incorporation)

**Company registered in:** Singapore

**Singapore business register:** ALCHEMY TECH PTE. LTD. (202015206D) was incorporated on 2 June 2020 (Tuesday) as a Exempt Private Company Limited by Shares in Singapore. Source 1: [](, Source 2: [](

**CEO:** John Tan (His interview on Yahoo about Alchemy Pay, 31.07.2021: []( Part of the company since 2019. Linkedin profile: [](

**Previous CEO:** Molly Zheng (Molly Zheng; CEO *”Over 20 years experience in payment industry. Served as Senior Consultant of Paypal China, SVP of HSBC China, Direct of GE Money and Chief Representative of MasterCard China.”).*

**Youtube:** Interview with the CEO who answers questions (07.01.2021, 8 months ago) – []( Another video with the CEO: [](

**Project website:** [](

**Twitter:** [](

**Coinbase launch:** 02.08.2021

**Official partners:** **Binance** (Official post: [“Spend BNB and BUSD at Shopify Merchants via Alchemy Pay”](, 23.10.2020), **Shopify**, **Huobi** (largest Korean crypto exchange), **MEXC Global**, **Cobo** **Custody**

**Technical white paper:** []( (36 pages, reuploaded with permission)

**Current token price chart:** [](

**Official Reddit sub:** [](

My honest feeling is that company has solid parnetships (with Binance and Shopify) and is on to develop something of real value for the South Asia/Singapore region.

They honestly need better marketing, because you can just appear on Yahoo News and land a membership with Shopify without blowing your horn a little bit. I have personally put 2 ETH in them.

Good luck about whatever you decide!

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