Announcing| HydraSwap Slogan Contest

Come join and showcase your knowledge of HydraSwap with creativity and grab rewards!

🌟Reference material for the contest:
Official Website: [](
Official HydraSwap Docs: [](

🏆Prize distribution!
✅1 winner gets $100
✅20 lucky participants get $10 each

1. Follow us on Twitter ([](, Telegram ([](
2. Post your slogan on Twitter and use the hashtag #HydraSwapSloganContest
3. Tag your friends and spread the word
4. Don’t forget to fill this form

The contest ends on 26th August 2021

ONLY ORIGINAL CONTENT WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THE CONTEST. The best ones will be officially posted and shared. Remember to
Keep it Original,
Keep it Catchy,
Keep it Captivating!

About HydraSwap:
HydraSwap is a Solana-based decentralized exchange that is dedicated to provide users with CEX-level trading experience. It is empowered by its game changing HMM core, solid cross chain infrastructure, Solana’s superior TPS, and a series of powerful multi-module components.

– Website: [](
– Twitter: [](
– Telegram: [](
– Discord: [](

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