Another DOA Ledger Nano X

Received a brand new Nano X, plugged it in, updated the firmware to newest (1.3 I believe). Set up the device and transferred my currency to my wallets. I then discovered that the device will not power on unless plugged into the USB-C connector.

Opened a ticket with Ledger support this afternoon but have not received a response yet. Based on the multiple reports of the same thing occurring for many people here their QA is pretty shocking. I wish I had checked this subreddit before ordering two of them…

I really hope I’m doing something wrong but I tried every combination of presses while unplugged and the device does nothing. I’ll update with next steps from support.

What do you think?

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  1. Same thing happened to me, had to send mine back. So I have to wait until they get my old one before they send me another one. Support was good but takes awhile.

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