Anxiety over Ethereum/blockchain’s future

Ummm… As an entrant in the Ethereum/blockchain world sometimes there’s some questions in my mind like is this budding industry will keep evolving or will just stop at somewhere..

Though m just a student who is interested in blockchain world and want to pursue my career in this field but as I will be going to face the professional world in upcoming years so will there be such demand in jobs maintained in future? Will defi , smart contracts , dapps will keep changing people’s life or will just fade away..?

Though I myself have researched in the blockchain world I don’t doubt it but it would be great to listen from professionals who are actively working in this domain and could guide me better in this regard !!!
Could suggest me that what’s the demand for jobs in this field and will it be getting better or will be moving to the down slopes ..?

Thank you!!!

What do you think?

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  1. Even if all of blockchain failed at graduation, all of the skills you acquire in blockchain are transferable to software engineering. The cryptography can help teach you about security, the hardware is the same, and all interfaces into the blockchain are the same ones used for all other applications. Developing smart contracts may not transfer directly, but learning to code in any language will help you.
    So if you got the bug, follow the rabbit! It will lead you to a successful career weather it survives or not. Though it does seem to be pretty solid, so i would assume it will be here.

  2. 3M unique Ethereum addresses out of 8B people on this planet. Add in the fact that a single person can own numerous addresses…we’re just getting started. By the time the world really catches on, I plan to command Sr Solidity Dev money and honestly more as the demand grows.

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