ApeDream | $AD | Contract Relaunched TODAY | Admins/dev d0xed on video| Partnered with Lithuanian Zoological Gardens |Sponsoring Breeding Program for Endangered Apes

# ApeDream | $AD | Contract Relaunched TODAY | Admins/dev d0xed on video| Partnered with Lithuanian Zoological Gardens |Sponsoring Breeding Program for Endangered Apes

# 📷[BSC Token](

**Who are we at ApeDream?**

ApeDream is a collection of mainly strangers who stumbled across a contract that the Dev had renounced, who decided to come together and try to build the strongest community in Crypto, all based around helping to save endangered apes.

**Why should YOU buy and hold ApeDream?**

💚 **Environmental Charity**

VERY exciting news for ApeDream, as of June 8th, 2021, ApeDream is officially partnered with Lithuanian Zoological Gardens, where we will sponsor a DNA synthesis program which is part of a larger initiative to successfully breed the Cotton-Top Tamarin, a species of which there’s less than 2000 of left in the wild! The first Ape born under this program will be named ApeDream (Baby Apedream to us Apes), and holders of $AD will receive an NFT of the birth certificate. Thursday, June 10th, a few select admins of Apedream had an AMAZING teleconference via Zoom which on the Lithuanian side was represented by Zoo employees, scientists, as well as Lithuanian lawmakers and members of the Ministry of Wildlife to develop the legal path forward for the partnership.

Moving forward, we will work toward developing more partnerships with zoos, wildlife refuges, and other environmentalist projects.

**$AD Reflections**

2% of every Transaction back in your wallet! Static rewards help you earn capital while you HODL!

**$AD Family**

Not only are we all dedicated to the success of $AD, but did you have a bad day at work? Did your cat pass away from an illness? Just need to vent about some shit? We’re here for you! Multiple Admins as well as Community Members in Telegram posted an open offer that they were there to talk if you needed someone.



BUSD REWARDS: 2% of every transaction gets redistributed amongst the apes!

Buy-Back function: Portions of every sale get redistributed into the buy back function of our contract, when activated, shit gets WILD!


📈 Contract Address: 0x106c4a6ea696497bb7e1d194ee49d979da5f824a

📞 Telegram: []( Join us for shenanigans

📄 Whitepaper and Roadmap: [](

🐦 On Twitter @ ApeDream1

🌐 Reddit: [r/apedreamtoken](

Verified Contract: [](


The great thing about $AD is that the community is deciding every element of what direction it’s going. Join the family and reap the benefits of getting on the ground floor of a project with limitless potential. Have a great idea for ApeDream? Share it with the community, and who knows, maybe it will end up in our 2022 roadmap. 😉

What do you think?

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