Apple blocked popular crypto wallet. In addition, App Store has terminated the supporting DOGE wallet and deleted app from the store.

LUMI has been supporting DOGE for a very long time. **We have a large Doge community, which now cannot get a new update in the wallet, take advantage of the new functionality, and also cannot easily buy DOGE via Apple Pay.** But the most unpleasant thing is that now LUMI and its users cannot participate in the development of the DOGE community.

*Lumi Wallet was a TOP-3 wallet on the US AppStore for several months.* But **on May 27, they received a letter from Apple saying that they had terminated LUMI account and deleted app from the AppStore.** There were no warning letters, no complaints, no unanswered reviews, no open discussion in The Resolution Center. In only one letter, Apple ceased LUMI wallet on the AppStore and kept the reason unsaid.

**LUMI asks for your Doge holders for help.** LUMI company is trying to find the reasons for the blocking, get answers from AppStore.

Please read the full article on LUMI blog. All correspondence with AppStore Supported Center is attached to the [article](

We would like to believe that the Dogecoin community will use a high-quality product with excellent market prospects once again.

We will be very grateful to you for any help provided! And we hope that you will feel our disappointment and support us during this difficult time.

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