Are we expecting higher inflation over the next several months?

Just last month, inflation rose to 0.6%. This is just among the series of inflations that began in April (0.8%) and March (0.6%) this year. I was scrolling through this [newsletter]( and it gave me some insight as to how CPI will probably reach 0.6% again for June. I am not certain, but I believe it is very likely that it will happen.

For me, I think we’re going towards an era of higher inflation, which was highly affected by the pandemic that has now brought about increasing vaccination rates, less business restrictions, pandemic relief programs and consumer savings.

With this development, I’m contemplating on trading a forecast in Polymarket, seeing how there is a possibility that we get more inflation in the coming months.

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah, it’s inevitable, the world coming back to form is gunna give us higher inflation. Any changes from the world being shut down is gunna give us that. Puts on tech in a little bit I’m thinkin. We get core inflation numbers Tuesday.

  2. Once employees get used to higher wages there really is no going back. The only option is for the market to charge more for goods so everything balances out. I expect to see strong inflation throughout the summer.

  3. Can’t say about the US, but higher inflation was all over the news in the last weak here in Germany. EZB is going to change absolutely nothing, they still rrepeat their “0% interest will lead to higher investments in Europe” mantra.

  4. If we invest in these companies which are all charging more and making more money. Would it stand to reason that our positions in these companies will increase monetarily?

  5. There is an extra 2 trillion dollars in circulation. You can damn sure bet inflation will make your eyes cross in the next 12 months. That $15/HR minimum will be worth jackshit.

  6. Don’t you think this is just a case of transitory inflation? All these just happened because of the pandemic. There was a demand on goods that’s why the costs went up. But it gradually tempers off when the supply catches up with the demand. CPI and PPI readings will start shifting downwards once it reaches an inflection point, which is possibly on late 2021 or early 2022.

  7. IMO yes. In addition, one driver is tech companies going remote. Pushes high wage earners to more remote areas, essentially exporting inflation. I’d bet money that SF/Bay Area inflation has been higher than the rest of the country up until the pandemic. Now, with workers moving remotely, that inflation is now equalized across a larger geography.

    This is of course in addition to the multitude of other reasons why we’re having inflationary pressures.

  8. Inflation will start hitting real hard once the world starts truly reopening.. USA is on path, and look at whats already going on with supply shortages, logistics dusruptions, etc.. wait till the rest of the world starts consuming.

    This will be structural inflation. Yes, supply will catch on and this is “transitory”….

    But to a rock, human life is transitory as well. So we just have to wait and see how long this will last… the longer it does, the more persistent it will be, until we enter a truly deflationary period.

  9. Your source is a guy that’s been ridiculed by Fintwit and TwitterEcon for going on an unhinged rant about “woke” Fed, who thinks Peter Schiff is right in saying QE money printing contributes to higher inflation and misunderstands that inflation isn’t about an elevated price level (e.g. his points on lumber) but a sustained growth in prices. He also outlines an ominous cause for the spike in ON RRP takeup and his explanation for it is … something he doesn’t know. It’s probably better to not read anything than read some figurative rag and make financial decisions based off of it.

  10. This is how I feel when it comes to Jerome calling inflation transitory:

    This is how I feel when it comes to thinking that you can print this much money and it won’t affect anything:

    And this is how I feel most people will react when they realize that inflation isn’t transitory:

  11. English stiff upper lips. Well, Matt Hancock’s stiff lips anyway.

    We don’t hear about it because we have a tendency to behave like Americans. When it hits the fan we go straight down to the bank and withdraw all of our money and destroy the country’s liquidity.
    Our treasurer Rishi sunak has passed through a bill allowing our mandatory pension pots (which we have to pay straight from our salary) to be raided to make up the shortfalls in government funding. But as long as we can kick a blasted football around and fondle other people’s wives the media couldn’t give a flying fig what else goes on.

  12. Been buying otm inverse leveraged market ETF calls for Jan 2023 to make the upcoming fist to my colon feel a little less brutal. It’s going to be a bloodbath

  13. The US owes 20 trillion in debt. Inflation is good for the government debt. It makes it worth a lot less. Allowing higher inflation allows the US to inflate away their debt at the expense of people who need to buy stuff (i.e. everyone). In other words inflation is a form of tax.

  14. To all that say…”The Fed controls the data and fudges that data and Wall St eats the fudge and the fudge is spiked with THC extract and Wall St starts tripping balls.”

    I agree 💯

    But, the Fed can only fudge data for so long.

    The consumer is King…and this is a consumer driven market.

    When consumers start to reduce spending because errything from dairy to protein to fukkin toilet paper is way more expensive…forget about gas 2X in 2 months…and rent…and buying a house…and travel…fukk dat.

    The consumer will force the Fed to face reality.

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