Armada | Debuting “Liquid Fees”. A never seen before function on the Binance Smart Chain, with an app launching before presale. Daily AMA’s. Launching this Wednesday!

ArmadaBay, a fully fledged all in one ICO Launchpad (with built in anti-rugpull screening), exchange and a community platform: in development for a 2021 Q3 Launch. Armada will launch this Wednesday!

Our app is launching on IOS and Google Store BEFORE our presale. With live charts and a connect wallet button to use our new function!

Holders, will be able to view the price of Armada live and much more. The app will also help you keep up with any latest news. We’ll give daily notifications to our holders for our daily tasks such as a blockfollio upvote or a Reddit upvote!

16% slippage (buy)

12% buy back

2% marketing

2% redistribution

30% slippage (sell)

Your slippage depreciates 1% daily, if you hold!

We’re already listed on stocktwitz, coin hunt, coin sniper, gem hunters, coin hunters. We are applying to CMC and various other crypto sites!

Check out our Armada Referral Bot (pinned in our telegram chat). Invite anyone, anyone who joins using your link, you will get Armada Tokens valued $, the more you invite the more you earn!


A brand new function that has never been used before in the Binance Smart Chain will be implemented within the Armada Contract. Let us give you a quick back story –

Safemoon was the first Redistribution Token. Everise was the first buy back Token. Armada will not only have redistribution, an improved buy back but it will also have “Liquid Fees” – our NEW function. Liquid fees in essence ties into our slogan “TIME IS MONEY”. The longer you hold your Armada tokens the less slippage you have to pay, meaning you will be able to collect most of your profit without a hit! Our tokenomics stand at 16% buy slippage and 30% sell slippage. Everyday you hold Armada, your sell slippage will decrease by 1%. If you hold Armada for 30days, your sell slippage will be 0% meaning you keep all the profits!

*Armada Port

We present our ArmadaPort app which will be Available on the Google Store and IOS store. Our app will include a function to connect your wallet to view all your Armada holdings….but it gets better. As well as viewing your Armada holdings you can view live feed charts for the price of Armada, how much BNB is in the WarChest, when the next Buyback will be, Marketcap, Liquidity, holders, live Supply chart and much more. The best part is yet to come – on the ArmadaPort app each holder will be able to view their exact slippage for buying and selling, split down in each fee which means you can at anytime check how much it’ll cost to sell!

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