Arthur Hayes gave first comment in a long time urging traders to switch to cryptocurrencies

Arthur Hayes, founder of the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange, was the first to comment since 

he was indicted by the US authorities last year . In a recent 

post on the BitMEX website, Hayes shared his opinion on the developments around the Robinhood trading app and offered several recommendations to its users. He did not provide any information about his business and the situation with BitMEX in general.Hayes said that he, like many other traders, tried to buy shares of GameStop using Robinhood, but was unable to do so due to restrictions imposed by the service. Institutional and retail traders are initially unequal despite the availability of information in modern times, he notes.”If you don’t like the rules of the game, your first option is to leave, your second option is to find a completely different game,” Hayes writes. – Withdraw all money from the broker. Stop trading. Stop paying a system that perceives you as a second-class person. This refusal is a very powerful and liberating tool. “Alternatively, Hayes suggests that readers start playing “another game”, namely, to engage in cryptocurrency trading.“This is a promising market for retail traders looking to change the game. Of course, it comes with risk, but if your goal is speculation to drive away the boredom caused by the COVID lockdown, or to increase declining real wages, cryptocurrencies can and do do it, ”he says.In the future, Hayes promises to continue this topic with a dive into the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market. “Cheer up, play is play. You just need to understand what to play in order to increase the financial well-being for yourself and your family, ”he added.

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