Aryl: The Wallet Designed to Make Cryptocurrency Easy | by Rubius | Rubius Inc.

The key to achieving Rubin’s vision is the decentralized wallet and exchange features that Rubius’s team will build into Aryl.

Aryl will contain many advanced wallet features, including the ability to create new Ethereum wallets. Aryl users will be able to store the key pairs to any number of wallets directly on their iOS (Apple) device. They will be able to view Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 token balances in every wallet and change wallet passwords.

The user will be in complete control of the decentralized wallets, simulating a virtual-version of your physical purse or cash wallet. You will control your own funds and finances. The issue of trust is eliminated, because the Rubius team will not have access to your decentralized wallets, and all of Rubius’s products and code will be open-source, available for anyone to audit and scrutinize.

Other advanced features planned for Aryl include Rubius Smart Escrow (RSE), which is an Ethereum smart contract that only releases funds to specific individuals that are pre-selected using your in-app contacts. The RSE will be implemented into a later version of the Aryl app, projected for early 2019.

Another similar feature will be the Rubius Smart Loans (RSL), which are loan agreements created using Ethereum smart contracts. The RSLs will be for small loans between friends and family. Individuals will be able to create RSLs in the Aryl app and will have the option to select an arbitrator from your contacts for added security.

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