At My Wits End, Pls Halp

Y’all have honestly been the most helpful community on Reddit, so I’m coming to you for probably the most important answer seeking question. I have literally exhausted everything… MSIs website, YouTube, vast different google searches. Since it’s the weekend, I haven’t hit up MSI customer service but I saw some forums about what they say to do.

I’ve been custom building a rig and it’s been slow going. I’ll spare you my headaches and just tell you how it is from the ground up:

• BRAND NEW EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G+ 80+ Gold PSU
• BRAND NEW MSI z590 Gaming Edge WiFi mobo (most I could pragmatically afford after finding out I couldn’t use the aurora mobo from my Alienware I bought) … this is what’s giving me my soul crushing defeat – and I pride myself on my accomplishments in life
• REUSED 10th Gen LGA 1200 Intel i7-10700F CPU from aforementioned Alienware (so I know it’s not the CPU) and fan/heatsink that works
• REUSED HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 RAM x2 (as stated above, worked perfectly 20 days ago)
• BRAND NEW m.2 SSD x2 (1 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB as the main and 1 Corsair MP400 4TB as a “worker”) installed in the proper slots on the mobo
• I have 3 GPUs but when trying to initialize, I just plugged in the 3060ti sorta. See next bullet
• More detail below, but I tried plugging the HDMI into the mobo connection AND the GPU connection, and also left the PSU unplugged

It’s currently showing an MSI EZDebug VGA white light … I’ve gone through ALL the trouble shooting of pulling the CMOS battery out, booting with just 1 RAM stick, using DisplayPort instead of HDMI, booting without any PSU cables plugged in besides CPU and mobo + no peripheral, I checked my monitor with my laptop and the monitor is working fine, detects input fine, the POST beep was (forgive me for being basic) beep (millisecond pause) beep beep… then I unplugged all peripherals and then it was something slightly different like beep beep (millisecond pause) beep. Please HALP, I need it operational ASAP and I don’t want to wait for a warranty replacement

What do you think?

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  1. Your CPU does not have integrated graphics so you won’t be able to get video from the motherboard HDMI/DP connectors. I would try unplugging literally everything (you can maybe leave the CPU/cooler on, but it might be worth yanking that too), and then replugging everything. (Yes, I’d pull the CMOS battery again and leave it out for 15 mins or more.)

    Specifically, put back in the CMOS battery, CPU and cooler, RAM, PSU (making sure all 16 of the CPU power pins are plugged in), and a single GPU in that main long slot that’s closest to the CPU. Make sure you’ve got power going to the mobo, the CPU plugs, and the GPU. (I’d leave the NVME and HDD out at this stage.) Plug in power to the monitor and a video connection to the GPU. Make sure the PSU is turned on, and then power up the mobo.

    What you’re trying to get is the BIOS screen to show up. It won’t be able to boot any OS because there’s not storage drive but it should be able to get into that initial BIOS screen. If you get nothing, then I’d try a different GPU and do the same thing. If it still doesn’t give you video, then there’s a problem with one of the many parts. Could be anything from the HDMI cable to the RAM, to the CPU, etc. (Could even be that you’re plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a light switch.) Then, if you have a spare of everything, you then swap out one by one in a tedious trial and error. Or, just RMA the motherboard and see if a new one works.

    I’m sure you already did some/all of these things and you already know things like plugging in the GPU in that first long slot. I’m just trying to cover as much troubleshooting steps as possible without knowing your hardware experience level. Best of luck with it!

  2. Plug 1 gpu directly into the board.

    Check if RAM (REUSED HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 RAM x2 (as stated above, worked perfectly 20 days ago) is compatible with the new mobo (you wrote you had to get a new one)

    If system does not boot to bios with only 1 GPU try another one as you seam to have no integrated video outputon this mobo

  3. Plug in one gpu on the top PCIE slot (directly – without the use of riser) and then plug the hdmi cable into the gpu. See if that works.

    If it does, then go into BIOS and change the PCIE settings from Gen4 to Gen3. You might have to look around the settings area to find where you can change this.

    IF all of this works fine and you then use risers to connect all three, plug the three GPUs into PCIE lot #1 (the top one), #3 and #5. See if that works.

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