Baanx and DeFi summer: Caught on the crossroads of the summer😎 |Baanx App Update |Small Cap🚀

Ever been on a vacation and you ran out of fiat to pay for your stay? Ever been in the position to send remittances to loved ones who found themselves far away from home? These are the questions that keep popping in my head as I peruse over the gains Crypto and the blockchain industry has brought to the average joe.

But these are just a fraction of what the world is yet to discover in DeFi, for most of us, nothing sounds so beautiful to our ears than the opportunity to earn a higher return on our stash which is more than what is obtainable in TradFi.

Being an ardent believer in the Ethereum dream and vision, I’m indeed addicted to the developments on the chain and do stay abreast with news dotting the landscape. Everyone loves what Aave is doing especially with its grants likewise UNI, but on the micro-level, Baanx Caught my eyes.

C’mon, you all don’t need to crucify me, remember DeFi indeed is the wild west of Crypto and anyone, I mean we are all allowed to test an array of protocols all in search of yields. So, Baanx offers a mix of the two, flexibility and yield. On yield, users generally get the opportunity to keep increasing their stash via its earn mode 😎 (yea, it’s an in-house staking feature that gives an APY of 25%) while on flexibility (comes in two shades of ……) you get Interest-free loans and a multi-currency card to use anywhere in the world.

Now, let’s talk a bit about Baanx, its a bridge connecting the fiat world and the dusty straits of digital assets, through a bundle of low fees, flexibility and a beautiful customer experience ( I love the baanx app, feels so smooth).🤯🤯, moreover we are all in the bull market and with a small-cap like this, we gain more rewards over time.

Aave doesn’t have a mobile app for users on the go to experience boundless freedom, hmm, baanx does and it has been updated to meet up with the roadmap as released by the team, allowing anyone to manage their funds in whatever denomination (digital asset inclusive).

NB: 500 BXX tokens [Minimum Staking Amount]

So, much to talk about, but I love the **MultiCurrency Debit card** as won’t have to worry about having a low balance when enjoying my vacations and also get to solve pressing financial needs by just collateralizing my digital assets without selling them for a stable coin. This is my recent found pet, Baanx.

TL;DR: The Baanx app has been updated and BXX staking is live with 25%APY. From all indications BXX price is low of course, is a very good entry for a small-cap as the staking activity will create buying pressure, which is perfect for a warm creamy summertime. Happy DeFi Summer People.


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TetrisDoge | Launching Now| Huge Marketing Budget | Doge Dividends!| Audited | Huge Potential 🚀