Baby PolkaMonster. 3 Days old here to stay!!! $28k MC right now and going up! Dev live on Camera!!! come check us out! Don’t miss this moonshot!

Baby PolkaMonster is the first in its kind. We offer 10% rewards for holding PolkaMonster. What is PolkaMonster you say?

PolkaMonster is the biggest fighting game on the Blockchain! It includes full digital planet, making creatures in game a valuable exchangeable and profitable NFT asset. What better more could you need? Right now NFT’s are hot and lets get on this train!

How are tokenomics are broken down. We offer a 10% reward in PolkaMonster hence the name Baby PolkaMonster. That means that on every transaction and based on volume every 1 hour you will receive PolkaMonster Rewards. Liquidity fee is 5%. We believe in keeping the liquidity pool at a strong healthy amount. Which is why we keep it on the higher end. To secure your investment. Marketing fee is 3%. This is to allow us to build up funds fast. Secure the right influencers and apply our strong marketing methods to effectively shoot for the moon. Developer fee is 1%. Just to give a thanks to the developer for all his work and hard efforts.

Tokenomics –

Max Wallet size – 2,000,000,000

Max Buy – 2,000,000,000

Max Sell – 500,000,000

Amount for reward – 1

Anti Whale, Anti dump, Anti Bot.

Come join the fun!

Twitter – [](

Website – [](

CoinSniper – [](

Liquidity Locked for 1 day (assure no issues) then 1 year! before the 1 day ends. 110% safu


Buy on PancakeSwap –


Chart –


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