| $babyLONDON$ | Listed on Indoex | Do not miss the opportunity! |

| $babyLONDON$ | Listed on Indoex | Do not miss the opportunity! |

Did I hear an exchange listing coming?

That’s right!!

babyLONDON is getting listed on Indoex.
That means you can now buy babyLONDON on Indoex with trading pairs such as BNB, ETH, BTC and USDT.

Do not miss this opportunity!
This is only the start of even bigger things to come….

Here is some more info on the project :

babyLONDON believes a lack of integrity and honesty has almost destroyed the BSC ecosystem with fake projects, rouge developers and marketing scammers.

We decided its time to change that!!

We believe dev teams should be doxxed and support available to investors on live cam 24/7 in addition to a diverse community of admins. babyLONDON was launched with appreciation to the Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade in August 2021. We decided to reward our investors with variable 10% auto claim Ethereum reflections as passive income.

We are building a platform which offers unrivalled utility for babyLONDON holders and crypto investors, which will offer a safe and educational environment for our investors to prosper.

The babyLONDON community can also benefit from live entertainment every night in our Telegram with DJ’s and live gaming competitions providing great engagement with the team and fellow investors.

We also have an endorsement from the cofounder of EverRise.

How will we ensure the longevity of the project you may ask….

As you have seen that most reward tokens fail to survive in the long term and fail to provide significant passive income because they rely solely on volume to service the tokenomics. We believe that is a flawed system, and will be the first movers in creating significant revenue streams that directly feed our chart every day by banner advertising on our own platform.

All the net profit from the adverting revenue will be used to increased buy pressure on the babyLONDON token daily.
This will ensure our token and our Ethereum passive income rewards system will remain extremely healthy and consistent.Tokens purchased will also be burnt, creating not only buy pressure but token scarcity.
In addition to this we will have revenue from Merchandising and Sponsorships.

Also some other things to keep an eye on :

An NFT minting utility and marketplace, along with our own collection of NFT’s that are currently in development.

Gaming section with daily competitions and prize pools.

What do you think?

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