$BabyTiki First ever double dividend token

BABYTIKI will reward holders with $TIKI dividend.
$TIKI (previously MOAI) is a well trusted token on BSC that provides HOURLY PASSIVE INCOME based on the trading volume.

BABYTIKI follows the footsteps of many other coins, such as BabyCake, but rewarding holders with $TIKI instead of $CAKE.
10% to holders (TIKI)
4% to LP automatically
1% to marketing wallet

Consider $BABYTIKI creating a domino effect: $BABYTIKI increases the volume because our smart contract buys $TIKI for dividend payouts.
The buys increase the price of your $TIKI tokens and the increased volume from our buys increases the dividend payouts for holding $TIKI.

Get HOURLY dividend paid in $TIKI, with no effort. Dividend is paid automatically to your wallet!
Coin giveaways designed in a way to boost the hype/marketing of our coin
Stack Your dividends with BabyTiki and earn a potential LIFETIME passive income!

Starting liquidity: 1.5 BNB / 50,000,000,000 BABYTIKI.

Fair launched. Max buy at the start will likely be between 0.1 and 0.2 BNB per transaction due to low liquidity. Every transaction adds 4% to the liquidity. The more people join, the more trading will happen.
Benefits: no big whales can buy upfront. If you are early you really are EARLY and you will have a BIG BAG!

Fair Launch starting price: 33333300000 BABYTIKI Per BNB — 0.00000000003 BNB per BABYTIKI
LP is lcoked:



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