Be wary of cunning scammers in this Reddit group.

Over the past couple months I have received multiple PMs from users in this group with seemingly normal “helpful tips and discussion”. Posing as pretty girls or trying to get me to click a link of some kind. Be aware, there may be shady people in here posing as everyday SafeMoon holders.

Looking at their post and comment history is helpful in seeing what kind of a user it is. But always assume anyone contacting you out of the blue is a scammer at work. Particularly if they try to “help you” with some kind of technical jargon, or provide you with links to unknown sites.

Some people here are new to crypto and could easily fall victim to this kind of thing. Seen it many many times.

What do you think?

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    WARNING: **Never give out your wallet passphrase for any reason.** Be _very_ suspicious of all URLs, emails, forms, and direct messages. If someone claims to be from “support” they are trying to scam you. If someone claims you need to “validate” they are trying to scam you. Do not disclose your assets.

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