Best Monero wallet besides Cake?

I love Cake wallet especially since they added BTC too. However, about a month ago I converted some XMR to BTC by doing an exchange within Cake, using my bitcoin wallet address as the recipient, and it just never showed up.

Is there any Monero wallet with similar features to Cake (multiple addresses, easy to use mobile app, ability to exchange to other currencies or do atomic swaps, especially Bitcoin) that people have used long enough to recommend?

Cake customer service just kept insisting that I hadn’t manually sent the Monero to the external ChangeNow exchange they partner with, even though the app clearly deducted the amount from my XMR balance. I did a couple smaller transactions afterwards and verified that the way their in-app exchanges work had changed since they added Bitcoin wallets (or I guess sometime recently), and it’s really frustrating that they acknowledged they could see the “exchange” transaction but tried to just point the finger at ChangeNow instead of helping me find a resolution or looking into where my funds went. I really wanted to love Cake forever but I just can’t trust my long-term hodl funds with them anymore after this.

Thanks so much for any suggestions. I am not great at coding so prefer a relatively simple UI and because I travel a lot, I’d be most comfortable with something that isn’t a cold storage-only solution.

What do you think?

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  1. I can recommend the Exodus wallet:

    1. It has a simple and visually pleasing UI, making it easy to navigate for even the most beginner crypto users.
    2. It allows for XMR sub addresses, so you can use a new Monero address every time you receive Monero from someone else.
    3. It houses an in-app exchange feature, which lets you swap plenty of cryptos with one another. It does come with rather high fees, so I don’t recommend using this as your main source of swapping.
    4. The wallet is also non-custodial, meaning that it IS your keys, your crypto. Exodus themselves do not have your private keys and have no access to your wallet.

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