Best up to date way of staking less than 32 ETH?

I’m sure this question gets posted often however I wanted to make sure if there are some updates as to better ways of staking less than 32 ETH.

I currently use Binance however their avoidance of regulations is tempting me to move to Kraken so staking on Kraken would be an option for me.

I also have a Ledger but from what I gather they don’t offer hardware staking yet.

I’ve also read about rocket pool however I don’t fully understand it and with my lack of understanding I am wary of going in on it.

As it seems my current options are Kraken or Rocket Pool however I’m not sure if they will stay for the next 2 years.

Looking for your recommendations.


What do you think?

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  1. The easiest way is to swap your ETH for stETH. is probably the cheapest exchange for this.

    Make sure it’s the stETH from, as there’s another stETH out there, but using Curve you won’t have to worry about this.

    stETH is a rebasing token meaning the staking rewards accumulate in your account automatically without you doing anything. Plus you can trade back into ETH any time you want.

  2. I’m using a staking pool called Stakewise. You can deposit your ETH in return for sETH2 (staked ETH). They have a really great community, devs are very active, and they have their own governance token and DAO. I’ve staked my ETH with them from my Ledger.

  3. Goal is to build up to 32 ETH but until then I am staking on Coinbase and getting 5%. Definitely a great question. stETH as mentioned in this thread sounds really interesting. Are their rewards similar with the additional with the upside of being able to use stakewise token for liquidity pools and earn additional rewards?

  4. Coinbase makes it super easy.

    I have some on Kraken, but my complaint with Kraken is that I have to pay a gas fee to send my crypto there, then another gas fee for them to move it into a wallet. A test deposit to make sure I have the right address costs 2 gas fees!

  5. LIDO. It’s easy and keeps you within the DeFi ecosystem. I also stake the stETH that I received from Lido at Curve. Actually, I use Convex Finance, which then stakes at Curve… I’m now earning LDO tokens andCRV tokens, in addition to the interest on ETH.

    I believe in Lido longer term, I believe in Curve and Convex Finance, so this is a great way to earn staking rewards not just in ETH.

  6. My only advice: do not use custodial entities. Giving your ETH for some fake xETH is truly dumb. Use a non custodial solution or simply don’t stake. Sincere advice

  7. I did it at Kucoin exchange. Poolx seems to work great. You get ETH2 and as a bonus, you get Proof of Liquidity token which has gone up significantly in value since I have been staking.

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