Big brain moment here thoughts?

Ok so hear me out I am really high right now but follow along.

Does anyone remember what happened in 1933? The United States went off the gold standard, and the economy started to change for ever. Well in 2033 that will be another 100 years. I’m feeling a new form of currency will lead the way. Everyone still following along??

Crypto is inevitable. It is slowly but surely starting to spread like wildfire and I feel like we’re so close. So close to something that will change how things work for a very long time.

Now when this happens if Safemoons projects and visions come to fruition with the blockchain, wallet, exchange, safemoon will change the CRYPTO GAME!

Still following along?
I think we are in the perfect storm. I think crypto currency is about to change the WORLD GAME and safemoon will change the CRYPTO GAME. Two insanely improbable events intertwining with each other to create one hell of a discussion for the grandkids.

Like I said I dunno I’m high but something feels weird, the vibe of the world with everything that’s happened these past 2 years. Something seems to be a brewin and I think we’re in the middle of the pot!

What do you think?

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  2. I’m not sure at this point why we still use paper as money. Digital currency should have been fully adopted years ago. Anyway, I feel in the past few months crypto is catching on. I wish the SFM wallet, exchange, blockchain would be here already before another crypto coin jumps on it as well.

  3. I get your post and love the projects of SFM. They are all being upfront with the community which is what we want. However, The issue is that if they take too much time working on things someone else will replicate some of their ideas to be the next big crypto.

  4. Nice theory, with great personal support.
    1933 gold standard was a reaction to the depression- not the cause.
    In fact, the stock crash (Black Tuesday) was 1929. 1932 was the worst year and again several months before FDRs gold standard move.

    One certain cause (of many) was lack of money in circulation. Now crypto has a role better suited for this cause, as a decentralized asset any country’s economy or lack of shouldn’t effect cryptocurrency.
    I have reservations on the speed cryptocurrencies become fiats because I remember what happened in Greece’s economic collapse- it was people using old Greek money after transfer to Euro. Undermining the process of converting.
    If current wave of cryptocurrency use was, say,
    40% more and we were using it wallet to wallet for all purchases and services.
    This would CRUSH all economies where we did this. Large groups of like minded people move mountains.

  5. A lot of governments won’t allow a currency which isn’t controlled by them to replace their currency. It is advantageous to have power over the currency. Simple as that.
    Countries that adopt cryptos are hoping that money enters their ecosystem.

Y’all seen what happened with YouTube’s DOGEfather and his crypto he made recently?