Big Friendly Doge [$BFD] – Experienced and Transparent devs

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**What is $BFD?**

BigFriendlyDoge came late to the party…since he is so large, it took him a lot longer than the others. On his way to the party, BigFriendlyDoge saw the rise and fall of many of his brothers… He observed what the other Doge’s did right and what they did wrong, taking notes along the way. Now that BigFriendlyDoge has arrived, he is too big to be ignored. His late arrival only makes him stronger since he will use his fallen Doge’s mistakes as stepping stones towards top 10 CMC. Will you be a part of this journey?

Big Friendly Doge is brought to you by two transparent devs experienced in marketing and the crypto space. With our expertise and wonderful community that we have built, this could very easily be your next big earner.

**Standing against Rugs and Scams**

We know how frustrating it can be when you put your faith into a team and a project just to get rugged or for devs to mint tokens on launch and dump. However we have taken measures to prove our trust to the community and ensure safety of funds. Firstly we will be renouncing ownership of the contract and locking liquidity , meaning we wont be able to edit the code of the contract or disable transactions. As well as this you will find that we have published scans of our contract, which all came out clear. Feel free to scan our contract on your own accord, or contact the devs about any questions you may have. We also do regular AMAs so that we can answer any questions or concerns there may be. We also hold only a modest dev wallet of 6.5%.


***Reflection: 3% -*** Simply by holding $BFD you will earn more. Everytime a transaction (buy/sell) occurs, 3% will be redistributed to hodlers. The more $BFD you hold, the more you receive!

***Liquidity: 3%*** -To ensure anyone and everyone can buy and sell $BFD at anytime, 3% of every transaction goes towards liquidity, ensuring safe and reliable transactions and more steady price action.

***Marketing: 4%*** – Most projects never reach their full potential. They may have some buzz to begin with but  they either dump on launch or don’t reach the 100m+ MC zone. By having a marketing wallet and 0 dev tokens, you can rest assured that devs cant dump on launch and that there will be a long lasting marketing campaign.

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