Binance in Afghanistan

Hello, all. I’m in the US, not a Binance user. I’m here to ask about ease of use of Binance in Afghanistan. With banks and ATMs totally shut down there, a family very dear to me is there and desperate to get out.

In the meantime, they’ve lost access to their money, which has severely deflated in value, while prices on everything have skyrocketed. I’m trying to help them.

I’ve discovered Binance can be used in Afghanistan. Do they offer debit cards so users can access liquidity there? I understand it would take awhile to get that to them, but knowing help is on the way can give them a glimmer of hope that they might be okay.

If debit cards aren’t available to Afghans via Binance, are any of you experienced with sending crypto to a recipient in Afghanistan and that recipient be able to access the money to use it?

What do you think?

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  1. Why cant you use prepaid wallet which comes with virtual debit card like Revolut or Wise ( Transferwise)?

    You could load fiat money in them whenever they want it.


    Share your debit card details so they can add to Google pay or Apple pay?

    Not sure if my post helps? My prayers are with your family and Afghanis 🙏

  2. What I would suggest is to find someone in Afghanistan that can exchange crypto to local fiat . Then you can send the bitcoins or Eth via Blockchain and then they can exchange it to local currency .

    Check in local social media if there is someone who has fiat and wants to exchange to crypto .

    Be very careful from scammers better arrange do it face to face .


PSA: Monero decentralized mining pool (p2pool)