Binance will suspend trading on April 20 for technical work

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced technical work that will take place on April 20 starting at 05:00 Moscow time and will approximately last two hours. Binance promises to inform about possible changes in the timing.

During the work, users will not be able to:

  • Conclude deals on the spot market, including in pairs for margin trading and with margin tokens;
  • Deposit and withdraw assets from your wallets. The related functions will be limited 10 minutes before the start of work;
  • Trade in the peer-to-peer segment;
  • Use the function of converting cryptocurrencies and an over-the-counter portal;
  • Open new accounts and activate subaccounts;
  • Enter and withdraw assets in the savings service;
  • Swap assets and add / remove liquidity in the Binance Liquid Swap service;
  • Stake and withdraw assets from the Binance Launchpool service;
  • Use the crypto lending service;
  • Access the Binance Card and Binance Pay dashboard;
  • Transfer assets from sub-accounts, margin accounts, futures accounts, pool accounts and fiat wallets.

Trading in futures and options will not be affected and will continue as usual. The stated goal of the maintenance is to improve overall system performance and stability.

Binance recommends taking care of securing margin and futures positions in advance due to possible fluctuations in rates during operations. Upon completion and before trading resumes, users will have 30 minutes to cancel existing bids, deposit / withdraw funds, and use other account-related features.

The BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange, which uses data from the Binance markets to calculate the prices of cryptocurrencies in its indices, also announced that it will exclude them from the list of considered at the time of work.

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