BJNFT | 🕊️ NFT MARKETPLACE 🕊️ | APP Launching | Coin Releasing this AUGUST | BSC Token | Rewards For Using App!

# 🕊️ BlueJayNFT🕊️


💻What is BlueJayNFT? 💻

About us, with our amazing team and tokenomics we are here to release to you an amazing project ($BJNFT) that needs you, the community. Theses upcoming weeks will be used working towards getting this project released to the public. Our NFT’s marketplace is working towards and an app on both App Store and Google Play which will showcase your NFT’s. Your NFT’s are 100% owned by you. You place them on our marketplace and others can purchase them. What makes BluejayNFT ($BJNFT) unique is your NFT’s are tax 5% on sell unlike other NFT marketplaces which is around 25%-35%. Meaning you sell your NFT on BlueJay’s Marketplace and you receive 95% of the money you sold your NFT for. Not to mention our tokenomics include-



◻️ 1,000,000,000,000 Supply

◻️ 5% of transactions will be redistributed to all holders.

◻️ 5% of transactions will be burned to create scarcity.

◻️ And a 2% free on all transactions.

◻️ [**12% Slippage**]


**💰** **Rewards!** – By Using Our App On Launch We Are Offering 1,000,000 Coin Vouchers That Can Be Claimed and Sent To Your Wallet!

**🔒** **Renounced Ownership** – No changes can be made to the contract once it has been released!


**More Specifics?** 🔍

◻️ Token ID: **$BJNFT**

◻️ Contract: BSC: Given At Launch! (Due to Bots)

◻️ Fair Sale & Launch: Announcing on our TELEGRAM @ [](


**Why BlueJayNFT?** 💻

◻️ Building a community on Telegram and Twitter along with a reddit and other socials.

◻️ BlueJay’s Q1-Q4 Roadmap is unlike see been before in the marketplace community.

◻️ Regular audits, community AMA’s and communiques to keep our project.

◻️ IOS and Google Play App (To be Released)


For more information ⬇️

Telegram [](

Twitter [](

Website [](


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