BlackBerry will host a virtual fireside chat to discuss moon opportunity.

BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced it will host a virtual fireside chat to discuss BlackBerry’s IoT business and market opportunity.

A replay of the event will be available to stream on the investor relations section of the BlackBerry website ( at approximately 1:30pm ET on July 21.

BlackBerry’s IoT business unit includes BlackBerry QNX®, BlackBerry IVY™, BlackBerry Certicom®, BlackBerry Radar®, and other IoT applications. BlackBerry QNX is a recognized leader in safety-certified, secure and reliable real-time operating systems, hypervisors, middleware, development tools, and professional services for connected embedded systems in the automotive, medical, industrial automation and other markets.

BlackBerry IVY is an intelligent, connected vehicle platform (CVP), being developed and marketed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will leverage BlackBerry QNX’s automotive capabilities. BlackBerry IVY will allow automakers to safely access a vehicle’s sensor data, normalize it, and apply machine learning to generate and share predictive insights and inferences across brands and models. BlackBerry IVY will allow the creation of responsive in-vehicle services that enhance driver and passenger experiences.

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  1. It’s a cybersecurity company for the holy AVs, EVs, and MaaS trinity. Just keep buying and holding. The future of transport is worth hundreds of billions when you consider the convergence with other sectors.

  2. Pointless, absolutely pointless. They won’t grab any attention of the big guys, they are still bleeding money… They have good products but they’re marketing is absolutely dogshit, and they find it very hard to actually get a profitable quarter for once…
    Until you get some positive earnings results, theres absolutely nothing to do with this one but short it or buy puts to the original price… Of course not financial advice, might be dangerous since there are plenty of new bagholders since the last time the price was at 8

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