BotHunter 🎯 /$BTH Token / Search / Report, 🤖Destroy Bots and get their Money / Passive Income / Use Case / Nice Idea / PRESALE 27 July

🤖 Become a Hunter, Bot Hunter 🤖

You’ll earn Rewards for each Bot you report and kill!

💎 4% distributed among holders

💎 4% locked into liquidity pool

💎 4% for marketing and development

The site’s URL is available on TG and Twitter.

TG: [](

Twitter: [](

This project is only one of a kind, you are one of the first to benefit from this new rewards system.

Our Token is a deflationary BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Just like any other Binance token is completely decentralized.

All decisions regarding the development of our Tokens will be made by our community through surveys. This gives our developers a better idea of ​​what our investors expect.

98% of all tokens are owned by the community, leaving only 2% as the team wallet.

Advanced functions of the token are this:

include all those that cannot be found in other standard BEP20 tokens.

In our case, these are the functions responsible for the operation of our entire Token system.

Function responsible for reporting, taking as a parameter the address of the reported wallet.

The discard function doesn’t actually remove the wallet because we can’t reach it, but it does take the coins in the wallet when the bot tries to sell them. These funds are included in the prize pool of those who submitted reports.

The `watchlist` function, if the observed object falls into a pattern that corresponds to the bot’s behavior, we discard it.

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  1. Sup man, I need yar advice. I plan to purchase some INF. They introduce a currency for the strong community that makes tokenomics a increasing marketplace with wise contract operations. What is the best moment to purchase?

  2. Well, the idea is great but I want to find anything more interesting like SokuSwap and get wonderful profits from their AI Flash loans and Swap boxes. I’ll be rly glad to hear more about it from ya since their IEO has started!. by the way, softcap is $100k only.

  3. There are so many DeFi ecosystems today. And everyone must have their token. But Daisy surprised me. The combination of blockchain, investment, and stablecoin is a breakthrough. They are going live, so I will see if my prediction is right.

BotHunter 🎯 /$BTH Token / Search / Report, 🤖Destroy Bots and get their Money / Passive Income / Use Case / Nice Idea / PRESALE 27 July