Bots shills and fakers

Since we know everyone and their mom is resorting to social media troll tactics…. what has been done to deter this if anything ? The karma limits in some places help but they go to the free karma thread and then come spam things.
-dont blame Elon
-blame Elon
-new coin
-what do you think price is gonna be
-i lost everything
-is it dead
-guys I like doge but maybe …
-the guy that just agrees for karma

Am I missing any? It’s annoying and I understand that is the point, plus the misinformation campaigns are heavy … but dang yall … I’d guess about half the people in here have other intentions than do only good everyday.

The ones that are really annoying are the duchey ones that want to compare roi/p&l to steal screenshots so they can try to make false claims.

Oh the age of technology…. sorry? For the rant 😆

What do you think?

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  1. I recently posted not to blame Elon, however I could care less about karma (well I care about real life karma 😂) but my goal was to stop the trolling posts and was merely a rant such as yours. I would love to see this sub get back to the fun loving do good and love each other kinda place where I can go to be happy 😃.

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