Boycotting the IRS

For months now the crypto community have been hammering Robin Hood for wallets lest we take our business elsewhere. Now we should focus our attention on boycotting the IRS and the Politicians for making us pay taxes on out investments.

They destroy our currency through inflation, making our money worth less and less everyday.
And when we are smart and try to protect our net worth we invest, now mainly through crypto.
Why should we pay taxes for simply trying to protect ourselves from their actions? We try to get ahead, yet they take from us even more.

We already paid taxes on our income, why must we pay taxes again on our investments?

I do not mean not paying taxes, but rather a large campaign to let our voices be heard.

Boycott the IRS.
Boycott the Government.

What do you think?

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  1. Wasn’t the entire argument last month that the rich need to pay their fair share? Taxes are a part of life.

    Can we argue the egregious taxing on something that is supposed to be considered property, sure. But gains tax isn’t going anywhere

  2. >We already paid taxes on our income, why must we pay taxes again on our investments?

    Because our investments either result in additional income or losses, either of which impacts your tax liability.

    Having said that, I don’t agree with the IRS handling of crypto but it’s very similar the handling of foreign currency so at least they are consistent.

    Btw, boycotting the IRS = tax evasion = bad idea

  3. If you dont mean “not paying taxes”, then why would the “campaign” to have our voices heard be a boycott? Im not opposed, but I mean theres already plenty of ways to avoid (most) tax responsibility. Its definitely more tricky with crypto, butnwhen we had 100x increases over loke 90 days, the taxes owed are really not that much. As far as “that moeny already being taxed” only the money you spent on the purchase was taxed, the “gains” was new money that has not been taxed yet…

  4. How about… hear me out on this… we just buy hodl doge and force the world to accept it as a currency so we never have to sell and instead we just use it as a currency🤔 you can only tax crypto when you sell. Same goes for businesses.

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