Btc and TV along the years

How the media have portrait BTC along the years, can you guys remember any other time BTC was featured?

Number one : The good wife, 2012.


“BTC it´s the future, what is real gonna change, just watch”, on point

Number two : almost human ,2013-2014


“Bitcoin stick that exchanges the value from just touching”

Number three : Simpsons , 2014


“worst luck on the bitcoin market made me broke”

Number four :Parks and recreation , 2014


“just send me some bitcoins”

Number five : CSI , 2015


” Bitcoin is assumed to be anonymous ,so it is used in the deepweb to buy drugs, human trafiking, hitmans. But is not, it appears on the blockchain” no shit sherlock

” The price is very volatile, so it can be valued much more in the future” if you only knew

Number six : Mr robot , 2016


“Ecoin, a centralized currency wants to take over BTC” sounds familiar

Number seven : Family guy , 2016


” what could save this family financial future? bitcoin” and he would have been right. Bitcoin price $400 at the time

Number eight : The big bang theory , 2017


” i can´t believe one bitcoin is worth 5000 dollars”…

Number nine: Silicon valley , 2018


“bitcoin is very volatile today”


“is it possible that Warren Buffett called Bitcoin a pyramid scheme because he has 92 billion conventional dollars to protect?”

“what is crypto if not decentralized,anonymous, secure and an existential threat to the powers that be”

Number 10: How to sell drugs online (fast), 2019

“Cash is more anonymous than btc , do you know the last owners of the bill in your pocket?”

Number 11: Billions, 2020

” Bitcoin is backed by what?
What’s the dollar backed since we got out of the gold standard ?”

What do you think?

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