$BTN – Brand new mechanism to fight bots – 🔥Anti-bot launch at Sunday 2pm UTC🔥 – Audited


Farm block : [](

✅ 5% transfer tax(all will be added to the BTN-BNB pool)
✅ 3% referral(capped at 15%)
✅ 1% Anti-whale
✅ 3 to 1 day Harvest Lock & Auto-renewal of Harvest lock
✅ Auto Emission Reduction

🐬About Us ([$BTN]($BTN))
Bottlenose Finance is a brand new DeFi project designed to be the most profitable & safest farm developed in on BSC.
[$BTN]($BTN) was created to be a perpetual deflation token with the ability for a constant price pump. By creating a suitable and sustainable environment for people we are not trying to replace swaps and exchanges, but to add value into the system and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with high APR.

❗️Brand New Anti-bot Feature
During our fair launch, users will only be allowed to own to up 1% of the total supply for the first 10 minutes. This New Anti-bot feature prevents bots from overbuying and has received recognition from Creditable auditing website such as RugDoc and Jagosafer.

🔥What can you do with BTN?
The early stage of the project puts early adopters in a very advantageous position to capitalise on their contribution to the advancement of the currency. You can participate by Staking or Bonding [$BTN]($BTN).We also aim to release Bottlenose-Vault and Bottlenose-Lottery by the end of this quarter with our very own [$BTN]($BTN) as the utility token. Orca Layer 2 are targeted to go live one week after where users will be able to farm [$ORCA]($ORCA) using [$BTN]($BTN).

Most if not all of the deposit fees will be spend on marketing and re-channel back into Bottlenose Finance through various publicity measures.Currently Bottlenose Finance are on partnerships with CoinSniper, Jagosafer, Ape’O’Clock, Coingems, CoinVote and many more to come. We are also in the talk to have campaign booked with listings for both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko on fast track service.

*Head over to our docs for more information

👉 Telegram: [](
👉 Twitter : [](
👉 Docs : [](
👉 Website : [](

Token : 0x01579059576Ab9dACCE49208D68Bf44FbB34dA92
Masterchef: 0x6d3cC2Fa45b9e39d74930b8C9d5c35E8fd4c7095
Referral : 0x478625C3027fDFbc52Ae71121a088a721658D475
Timelock : 0x32859fB4d53dd44a264966Fda2fa7199686f56Eb

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