BUSDealer – $7832.54 rewards paid out so far! Only 50k mcap.

BUSDealer is a strong contender for becoming the best rewards token on the market. Liquidity is locked and ownership renounced.


Tg name BUSDealer

Even though it was released less than 48 hours ago, BUSDealer has already rewarded a total of $7832.54 BUSD to its holders!

If that were to continue for a year at the same rate it will amount to $1,429,438.55 busd that holders will receive!

All that just from a 50k mcap coin. Imagine how it could be at 1m mcap…

Tokenomics are as follows:

Total supply:100,000,000,000

Max hold/buy/sell:

Total tax: 15%

10% is reflection for busd to holders (100% of that 10% goes to holders)

5% for liquidity pool

The telegram is very much alive and the team are always active, there’s a fantastic community behind it as well with members creating marketing gifs and other artworks !

They’re currently running a twitter giveaway and its so easy to enter! All you have to do is follow them like the post and retweet it to everyone you know for a chance to be in for a cash prize!

To find their telegram and twitter just search their name.

I’ve been a part of this from near-ish the start when it stealth launched and I’ve received over $100 in busd rewards! By just leaving this token alone its covering some of the rugs I’ve fallen for recently, it feels good to find a token that leaves you able to sleep at night without waking up to check.

As always DYOR and this is not financial advice.

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  1. I’m going to try to find a kind way to ask a hard question … so, you got in on a stealth launch, and you are receiving rewards because of people that are coming in after you … can you see why someone with just a little knowledge of financial history might be thinking of Charles Ponzi? HOW, exactly, does this coin generate rewards except from new buyers?

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