Came across an interesting Temp reduction trick on my 3080FE

So I had previously watercooled my 3080 (so had 1mm pads on it) and temporarily stacked another 1mm ontop of it so I can air cool it. I know this isn’t optimal, so expected some compromised results.

But me being me, accidentally screwed the middle square tension bracket (the one that holds the PCB onto the cooler) in upside down. Upside down as in, such that the prongs don’t bend outwards, but rather inwards (such that the black tape is visible once installed).

At 75% power, -350 core and 1350 mem, it was sitting at 58C core and 100C mem junction temps @ 99.7Mh/s.

A week later, seeing a YouTube vid, I realised that the bracket is meant to be in the other way around. Googled it, and yes I indeed put it in the wrong way around. So I went back to the 3080 to flip it. And… Having flipped it to the right way… The card started thermal throttling at 110C on the memory junction (93Mh/s).

So I again flipped the bracket back to the wrong way around and the card performs well again. Am starting to wonder if I discovered a neat trick to improve cooling, or if my card is just acting weird.

If anyone with a 3080Fe (or 3090Fe) could confirm if this works for them aswell pls


What do you think?

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  1. LOL that amount of thermal pads, I don’t know whether it will do more harm than good.

    For the square bracket, my guess is that you have such a huge tape of thermal pads covering the core so when you flip back the proper way, the increase dimension actually prevents the thermal pads on the memory chip from contacting properly.

    Also 100 celsius mem temp still isn’t good at all.

  2. Only thing I can confirm with a 3090 FE is that using the correct amount of pads with the right thickness works.

    I think u have too much and some overlapping. Everywhere I’ve read overlapping is harmful to the benefits of doing the mod. I would replace and cut them correctly.

    I only say this because on the 3090 with 70% fans. 80% power limit. -200 core. +1000 memory I’m at 45-50c core and 80-84c vram.

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