Can anyone here answer this?

Question regarding and “alerts”

Recently, PolyNetwork Defi (not polygon) was the victim of a hack. PolyNetwork posted the hackers addresses on Twitter. [this one on]( and [this one on](

I looked into both wallets, and aside from a shitload of ethereum and BNB, I noticed both wallets were already tagged with the words “heist” and “exploit” as well as a “!” Alert of “this address is reported to be involved in a polynetwork exploit”

My question is, how do wallet address get “marked” on and BSC

Who has access to update it/add alerts?

Is there are process to put it alerts, or is it simply based on accusations?

Edit: A few more questions.

Can anyone request that these labels be added if they were hacked/scammed? If not anyone, what’s the standard/threshold to meet before these tags can be added?

Thanks for any insight(s).

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