Cannot separate workers on my dashboard?

I was recently mining ETC with 1 GPU but not added a second and added my workers names after my wallet address but the change isnt happening on the dashboard. Can anyone help me? Below is my bat file command prompt and my website for my dashboard.

teamredminer.exe -a etchash -o stratum+tcp://[]( -u 0x081af2992E026f07d77F2Bd7eD6345746E688F42.570(8gb) -p x -d 0 –enable_compute


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  1. I don’t use 2miners or Teamredminer, but in my experience, worker names are per computer, not GPU. For example, I have a rig with 5 GPUs that share a worker name and then another computer with a single GPU with a different worker name. So, your command should only contain one worker name.

Update – SSD riser i made to install more cards

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