Cannot withdraw my fund after 25th word passphrase


I’m using Ledger Nano X, and recently have followed Ledger’s guide to add 25th word passphrase.

Guide: [](

I’ve went with “Set temporary Passphrase” option. This seemed to work as I got new sets of accounts.

The problem is that I cannot withdraw funds from my regular(24 words) account.

I did restart my device as instructed. Account address returned to normal, but Ledger Live is asking me to connect correct device.

Any advice here?



Ledger Nano X device firmware version: 1.3.0

Ledger Live version: 2.29.0

What do you think?

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  1. As you have no funds yet on your new wallet addresses I suggest to reset your ledger. Set it up with restoring from your initial 24 seed words. Go thru the ledger ledger live setup add all accounts you need. Then when you want to add a 25th word again I suggest to use the option with pin code and setup a different pin code than your 24th word one. You can now allways switch between the two adress sets on your ledger just while entering the related pin code. On Ledger life I guess you will need to add accounts again with your active 25th word. You can give them different names. Another way is you do the initial 24 words setup. Create an new user account on your pc, logon to this and use the 25th word addresses in this account.

  2. I understand the 25th passphrase…I’ve read the posts and tutorials…..and for some reason I’m terrified to do it. Maybe some day I’ll feel confident enough.

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