Can’t open support ticket – Missing sent ETH

UPDATE: My problem is fixed and I received my ETH. Contacting support worked via reddit post and then give them the support ticket case id.

Is there any other possibility to contact Coinbase? When I try to open a support ticket through []( and filling out the form I’m getting this in the email response:

>It appears the information you provided might be incorrect for the transaction you’re having an issue with.
>Please resubmit your request and make sure you enter:
>The exact transaction amount
>The transaction hash
>The email address associated with account for the transaction
>We require this information so we can clearly identify the issue.

I’ve tried multiple times with the USD amount and the ETH amount. The problem is that you can’t fill in digit numbers. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Sent ETH to Coinbase this morning and they didn’t appear in my portfolio. The other times everything worked flawless.

Thanks in advance!

What do you think?

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  1. Exactly same situation. For the exact amount box type in the amount of eth with no period. For example 2.2456ETH Will be 22456. Looks like it worked for me. EDIT: never mind the instant wrong info email just took a while to send.

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  3. I have the exact same problem. I received an email that they weren’t able to locate my transaction based on the information provided.

    Have you had any luck?

  4. Same issue. Sent 2.15 to coinbase eth wallet last night….its dissapeared. Tested address with smaller transaction which worked. No customer support at all. Good times.

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