Cardano – Want to know why it’s better… well, here’s why: (Big list)

* Smart contracts are currently working on testnet and Mainnet is coming in August/September. Proof: [](

* All code used on testnet is not wasted… it can be used on Mainnet.
* They are doing a freeze of their testnet before turning on Mainnet – this is smart because all exchanges and wallets have time to upgrade and once Mainnet launches it will work everywhere without problem.
* They are 100% decentralized (which means that the blockchain is run completely by the community). More on this: [](
* They can update their blockchain without having to split into another blockchain (Hard forks are like soft forks). You don’t even notice when an upgrade happens, other than you now have more features. [](
* The developers are the most active and have been the most active for a long time now on GitHub.- this is pretty important if you want to know that your project is actually proving it’s use. Proof: [](
* Staking – this is currently active and you make roughly 5% per year on the ADA you stake. This is huge because you can both keep your ADA in your wallet and you are free to move it at any time. And over 70% of people stake. This is very uncommon in crypto. Oh, and you get the “free” Cardano every 5 days. [](
* Cardano is deflationary – it’s a fixed supply! Read more here: [](
* They have written over 100 peer reviewed academic papers before implementing the idea to their blockchain. Peer reviewed papers are academically reviewed and verified by well-known colleges. This isn’t an easy feat. Proof: [library](

* They are careful in their approach and make sure they introduce new features or upgrades after rigorously testing them, to see if there are any flaws.
* Cardano and IOHK is made up of hundreds of employees, many in different countries across the world. IOHK Employees: [team](
* Their main coding language is very secure and is code light – so developers don’t have to look through many lines of code for mistakes. Learn more here: [](
* They are are a layered blockchain – so if you make a mistake you don’t have to start from scratch.
* They have monthly developer updates, to share with the community what they have been doing. IOHK YouTube channel: [](
* They fund groups who want to develop on Cardano via community voting for what they want, with a fund set aside for this very thing…. Oh and the community who votes on projects are rewarded with Cardano for doing so. Check out the mobile app to see what community is voting on, but also here is the website: [faq](
* The community is amazing. Yes, this is important. I have been shocked at how nice and helpful and yet super passionate and active the Cardano community is. I don’t think there is any other community like it in crypto. Sometimes I’ll read comments in random crypto YouTube videos and there are piles of Cardano people commenting on nearly any video I watch. Here’s a link to the reddit community (which I highly recommend): [](
* Project head, Charles Hoskinson, has a strong social media presence and regularly answers questions from the community in live YouTube Question and Answer sessions. He’s a brilliant man, who co-founded Ethereum and worked on Bitcoin. His YouTube channel: [](
* They have closed a deal with Ethiopia to onboard 5 million students, over the course of the next year, on its platform to keep track of all their education records. This is just the beginning. Financial and Medical records likely coming soon. Proof: [](

* They are closing other deals with other African countries for similar things as what’s described above.
* They are working with colleges to be used in their education system. See here: [](
* They are working on forming a college specifically for blockchain and proper coding. Talked about here: [](
* Their blockchain is soon to be updated to allow for most all programming languages. Read about that here: [](
* They are soon to get an ERC-20 converter which means Ethereum projects can move over to Cardano very quickly and easily (couple clicks). See here: [](
* They already have already planned for scalability and as the network gets used more, they simply allow more transactions per second (some people say they have a lower TPS, but that’s because they don’t need it higher right now so they haven’t turned it on – but they are ready for it). They also are preparing a TPS that can onboard billions of users (at high speed) over the course of the next couple years. Here’s info: [](

* As is, it takes seconds (about 10 seconds in my experience) to complete a transaction (you’re not waiting around if you send money for it to be delivered). – the only time it takes more than a minute is if the place you send from has more restrictions (like Binance).
* They are working on an App Store for crypto: [watch](
* They have the ability for native assets minted on Cardano currently. More here: [](
* Cardano has more commercial deals in pipeline then they can onboard and it’s growing faster than they can keep up with (And that is considering Cardano has a massive team). Read about it here: [](
* They are working with Wyoming to use Cardano blockchain to be used for Primaries voting. Proof: [](
* Charles will be meeting with El Salvador president soon. Proof: [](
* EU digital Identity with Cardano via PriviLedge. Here’s more on this: [](
* Blockfi said themselves that they would list ADA ASAP. Proof: [](
* Grayscale likely to list ADA soon. Just based on speculation of demand. When Coinbase announced via twitter that they were launching ADA on Coinbase pro, it was one of if not their most liked comment ever (so I’d say demand must be pretty high). See Coinbase tweet here: [](

* Paypal hasn’t commented on listing ADA, but considering the demand for ADA, wouldn’t be surprised to see it soon.
* They are working on creating a wallet that can be used on paper or on phone without connecting to internet until later (so people without internet can still transact with Cardano).
* NFT’s are coming soon on blockchain, but there is so much interest already that people are finding ways around it and creating them anyway. Demand is high for Cardano NFTs. Read more here: [](

To learn about Cardano is depth, just visit their website at []( and you’ll likely want to check out: [](

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