Careful. Gimmick runners are getting thirsty and inventive

Example: [](


It’s the typical Binance Smart Chain contract with absurd fees and slippage. They even state on the website they did 15+ other coins before.

They also say they have access to influencers and shillers (and I am guessing discord pump groups), so the price will be pumped.

The gimmick is that instead of more of the shitcoin received back when other people buy in, you receive the bsc DOGE (real DOGE, but the token on the binance chain, which you can deposit to binance and trade as real DOGE).

The comments in that thread are shillers, most of them.

Apart from them giving you the pegged DOGE as a reward for buying their coin, there is nothing else out of the ordinary.


Judging by how the website is made, I do believe them when they say they did 15+ others before, so that is a smooth running operation. But you should ask yourself, what happened with the previous 15 shitcoins? Well, I would guess they dumped and some people were left holding worthless bags.


If you’re fast, you can make some profit. If you’re not, you’re throwing away money, like with all moon shots.

What do you think?

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