CFO Twitter admitted the possibility of including bitcoin in the company’s reserves

Twitter CFO Ned Segal announced the possibility of the company buying bitcoin. Speaking to CNBC on Wednesday, Segal said that if Twitter employees and suppliers approached them with an offer to receive payment in bitcoins, then they could consider including the cryptocurrency among their reserve assets.

“We are considering these questions carefully and in advance: how can we pay employees if they ask them to pay them in bitcoin, how can we pay suppliers if they ask them to pay them in bitcoin, and whether we will need to have bitcoin on our balance sheet to do this? , – he said. – We continue to study this issue. We want to approach it meaningfully, but we haven’t made any changes yet. “

Square – Twitter’s sister company – is already investing in Bitcoin. In October 2020, she invested $ 50 million in cryptocurrency, becoming the second public company in the United States, after MicroStrategy, which went for it. Tesla joined them earlier this week, acquiring BTC for $ 1.5 billion.

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is known as an active supporter of bitcoin. He recently set up his own node on the cryptocurrency network.

“Blockchain and Bitcoin point to the future, to a world where content has been around forever. We are already in the business of not posting content, but disclosing it. The whole spirit of bitcoin, for example, is to provide a trusted system in an untrusted environment like the Internet, ” he said earlier.

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