Cloud computing: A threat to Monero’s descentralization?

It wouldn’t be crazy to wonder about a future where everyone just owns a thin client, and uses it to access their “PC” located in a remote server (like AWS). This would erradicate Proof of Work, as cloud service providers could easily prohibit the use of their systems for mining, and that is definitely enough to at least keep the average Joe away from contributing to the network = less descentralization.

With the rapid growing of faster, high coverage, low latency and (eventually) cheaper internet (thinking about technologies like Starlink, or future iterations of 5G) One could see this, in the long term, becoming the norm. So, if proccesing power does become more and more centralized, what would happen to Monero? Would it be able to adapt somehow?

Obviously no one can predict the future, i know that asking stuff like “Omg what if a meteor strikes earth, would Monero survive?!?” is ofc totally pointless. But I’m asking this because i believe in the fairly high possibility of computing becoming a service, and i just don’t imagine how an ASIC-resistant, Proof of Work crypto, would remain descentralized in this context.

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  1. Fits in the future of you own nothing and will be happy thing.People always looking to get things cheaper will lead to owning nothing.. including a computer. A handheld terminal would the most that general people will have. Future will tell but the evolution till today points to that way.

  2. i think people will always have some type of computing device that can be used to secure the network in some POW manner. Unless neuralink implants replace smartphones completely then maybe monero should consider transition to POS.

    I really don’t see why monero couldn’t already start transitioning to POS there are other privacy coins doing it.

  3. Computers are valued for both their form and function. I have no reason to believe that PC gamers (for example) will move towards cloud gaming. Don’t get me wrong, cloud computing will expand as our culture continues to embrace working from home but… Well put it this way: Back when I was a kid my family had one computer. Now we own almost 10 mini supercomputers, and maybe 5 laptops, and 3 desktops. Imagine how much more decentralized Monero can be if all that computing power was added to the mining pool.

  4. Eh, I doubt this would ever happen. Definitely not possible within our lifetime anyway, unless we have some sort of major technological breakthrough that allows the entire world to be connected with zero latency. But even if we discover this technology in our lifetime it would take decades to roll it out.

  5. CPU’s are so cheap and powerful nowadays that you shouldn’t be worried about the future as I imagine even “thin client” will have enough power to make a meaningful contribution to the network.

  6. Chips are getting smaller and more powerful so doubtful that thin clients would be useful except for the most powerful applications where you would require expensive hardware.

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