Coinbase lost 30billion of my $SHIB, and they dont know how it happened… ($200k+ USD)

Kicker… I mistakenly sent $SHIB to my Coinbase app address, not my coinbase wallet. These tokens were successfully sent and verified through etherscan, but
unsupported by Coinbase app, til this day.

30billion $SHIB sat in my wallet for over 100 days, “soon to be recoverable” says Coinbase Help Desk.
(This is over $200k USD if anyone is wondering…)

Then on June 14th, my unsupported $SHIB was transferred out of my CB app. And nobody could explain why…

Hash 0xf841723e6f6dc9c6d91964aac27459654de669af4632fe9b57744d8d10a1f7df

I followed the wallet and saw a disturbing pattern. This wallet was stealing TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS with of $SHIB… how tf….

This is the wallet stealing everyone’s $SHIB

I was the first yank… wtf…


I’ve been sending you countless help tickets begging for you to transfer these tokens back… and now someone took advantage of a massive security flaw and stole these tokens from your control.

How can you ever make this right???

What do you think?

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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s one of Coinbases’s hot wallet addresses that they slurp everyone’s stuff into all commingled for a huge liquidity pool.

    Something like that happened automatically when I deposited SHIB to Coinbase Pro on the first official day they allowed inbound transfers. Within the same hour they received my inbound, they slurped it up to their huge hot wallet.

    Our account balances are really just entries in a database and not physical on chain addresses.

    They keep the huge addresses with our coins all commingled so they can enable trading completely off chain with just database entries. Otherwise, it’d be ultra slow if we were buying and selling proof of work coins with each other.

    I’m just guessing here, so anyone can feel free to correct me. Also, I have the same deal with my SHIB not appearing in my account, even though it initially did until the end of last month. Now my stuff is in limbo somewhere in CoinbasePro.

  2. I just received an email this morning from Coinbase.
    They are initiating a transfer of my 30billion $SHIB. Not sure where this is going yet. But its the best news I’ve received about my tokens.
    The power of reddit is real.
    After 4 months of help ticket limbo, i was about to give up…
    Finally, the tokens finally have positive actions within 9 hours of my reddit post.
    Help tickets sped up my process too.

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  4. Coinbase didn’t loose shit; you did! Getting mad at a billion dollar company trying to reverse your mistake on a DiFi network. The only joke here is your sense of entitlement…

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