Coinbase needs to hire competent support

I’ve reached out to Coinbase twice in the last few months and I’m extremely disappointed with the responses.

Most of my questions are about feature requests and information about why my order displays the wrong purchase price in the app.

They consistently respond with automated responses that don’t address the issue. Then when you reply someone finally gets back to you. In this case they told me my purchase price of $660 is correct instead of the $1000 paid.

It’s looking like a bug in the software but I wanted to give them an opportunity to explain it. As this information is extremely useful for cost basis.

What do you think?

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  1. In hindsight, I should have bailed from Coinbase about a year ago when I logged into the app and it showed that my account was sitting at ZERO. Upon further research, there was not any transactions, just hundreds of thousands of dollars gone with no explanation as to where it went. Trying to contact their customer service service was fruitless. Ended up being a glitch, I suppose. Yes, Coinbase is in desperate need of a functioning 24/7 CS line.

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  3. There is no such thing as appropriate support anywhere, but I agree CoinBase is significantly worse than most. No in-app support alone is just inexcusable for ANY financial services app. Google is completely complicit in this clear bad faith operations and lack of due diligence because they don’t require apps to provide adequate support. This is arguably bad faith and deliberate lack of due diligence on their part as well. People just accept it and/or get tired of trying to get support and give up, which reinforces the malfeasance even more.

  4. 1.) Could you please post the text from the message where they said you paid $1000 for something that should have been $660 with no offer of credit for the mistake?

    2.) As for feature requests, those are the lowest priority kinds of communication for any organization let alone one that is the fastest-growing crypto exchange at the moment. Most companies specifically state that they will be unable to respond to feature requests but they will be considered if enough people request it among other qualifiers.

    Give them a some slack, they are not going to jump and implement what you want just because you feel it’s necessary. Also, they don’t need you to “give them an opportunity to explain” anything. Think about it, you’re ONE customer out of roughly 50 million. Any pricing issues as drastic as you describe would be experienced by hundreds of thousands of people and would be caught in their development and test platforms long before production release. If by some rare occurrence a bug that severe made it out, it would be caught within a few transactions not left unnoticed to the point you and you alone were the person who had to notify them so they could make changes to the code that runs your sole account and isn’t shared through the whole platform.

    A little light reading into “crypto currency trading” “how do crypto exchanges work” and “common software development methods” will bring understanding current instead of continuing to think it’s the way it was in the late 90’s . There are also plenty of resources that put everything into layman’s terms too so technical understanding is no longer a barrier to learning.

    Good luck in your quest! You will find that a little knowledge eliminates 90% of the stress and perceived complexity of anything new you’re trying to become familiar with

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